2018 Hangzhou


On August 30, 2018 Beijing time, “Access Global” came to Hangzhou, China. The Summit was successfully held by Exhivisit, at the Hangzhou CBD Marriott Hotel.


Exhivisit brought more than 20 staff and guests from US to attend Access Global in Hangzhou. This Summit invited the Secretary-General of Hangzhou Cross-border E-Commerce Association Li Xinghui, the Board of Yuhang District E-Commerce Association Fu Hailan, and Chairman of Golden Wheat Award Committee Song Chungang. The summit aims to cooperate with any enterprises related to cross-border e-commerce industry, such as cross-border e-commerce associations, cross-border e-commerce brand merchants and service providers, providing new cooperation ideas and developing channel for cross-border e-commerce trade between China and the United States.


After many years of preparation, “Access Global” has become a fast channel for approaching global markets, integrating cross-border resources and e-commerce trade. The advantage of “Access Global”, is an international trade platform, connect your business to the world with more opportunities and profits.