2017 Los Angeles

        In October 11-12, 2017 Rep DM and Exhivisit in collaboration with Alibaba, TMall, and TaoBao hosted ACCESS ASIA 2017 at the PACIFIC PALMS RESORT in LOS ANGELES, CA. USA companies were on hand to take advantage of this opportunity to boost profits by expanding sales to China. Access Asia 2017 was designed to help curious and aspirational USA Brands and American Made Products enter that glorious China ecommerce ecosystem and sell their products to China’s 500 million middle class consumers. This Trade Summit was the follow-up to Alibaba's first, very successful Gateway'17 conference held in Detroit, Michigan. The ACCESS ASIA 2017 TRADE SUMMIT was the next step in Alibaba’s attempt to build a stronger USA connectivity. The China-based e-commerce colossus Alibaba had leading executives on hand to meet with more than 100 key USA manufacturers, food and beverage producers, service providers and others to help sell American Brands in China. President Donald Trump and Jack Ma, the founder and Executive Chairman of the Alibaba Group, had made selling American products to China a priority that year. So, this was a tremendous opportunity to bring USA companies and Chinese business leaders together to help this trade initiative progress. Now our work continues with Access Global.