About us


We all know that China is a global business giant. Combine China and the United States and you have two of the world’s greatest Super Power Economies. Wouldn’t it be great to do business with both countries? But how do you do it, if you’re not a giant multi national corporation? What if you have a solid small or medium size business in the United States? Can you still do business internationally with China?

Here is the way. Whether you’re interested in Chinese investment capital for your business? Or selling your American Brand product to China? Or Sourcing product, equipment and machinery from China? Come to this event and find out the solution.

Access global is part of Exhivisit, an expert trade show company, which can help and guide you through the entire Access Global process.

Exhivisit service:

Exhibition Management

Our network and Access Global helps buyers and sellers connect and communicate. Our one-stop service is efficient and cost-effective, including shipping, price and product lists. Financing, marketing, sourcing or shipping and so on, we have a solution to help you connect the one.

Professional Qualification Certification (SQC)

“Statistic Quality Control” is a warranty label issued to qualified business. We can issue SQC certifications to our clients, thus providing them a high level of credibility in the U.S. market.

Other Services

In addition to exhibition management, we also offer other services such as immigration, study, travel, and real estate investment. We are available to help not only businesses, but also families and individuals as well. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have.